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Fade To Black - Nihilist Abyss

Leave me alone
I want to be left on my own
I want the lights turned off and the curtains shut
I need the
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Little Doll - Nihilist Abyss

Little doll
Little doll
What have you seen
Little doll
Little doll
What have you seen
What kind of
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Red Flags - Nihilist Abyss

The sun came up on an autumn day
And set one summer night far away
What happened in between is a blur I'm
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Necromancy - Nihilist Abyss

I see you
In the ICU
Memories so real
Wonder if I'll heal
Ten years gone and still so strong
You only
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Don't Feed The Animals - Nihilist Abyss

Praised in erasure
Fragmentation in the energy
Cut out and refine on the lines
Love and decay
Existing in
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Mother Winter - Nihilist Abyss

I went out looking for the sun
Shades of gray took her place
The light leaves
The leaves fall
The water
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Less Than - Nihilist Abyss

Am I the manifestation
Of all the hate that's in you
Am I a little bit less than
What you envisioned in
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Teething - Nihilist Abyss

I had a dream
I saw how the world would end
Cracks in concrete
Flooded the street
With everything
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Dark Days - Nihilist Abyss

If the world won't open up to swallow me whole
Then I'm not too sure what will become of me
Laying here
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