Freedom - Nicholas Mazzio and Lauren Mazzio

Now I see my life fade away
Where’s my hope? Where’s my youth?
My dreams have slipped away
My song has turned to gray

Who can break these prison chains?
I’m so alone.
Who has the power to change a heart from stone?
(Only the love of God)
Oh, that the love of God were known

Jesus, help me!
(Oh, lift me from the mire)
Send love from Your throne
Heal my [A] broken heart
With love Your own, let down Your hand [Bm] from Your throne
Bow down your ear and [Bm] hear Your child in need
(Bow down to [C7] hear me)
Your love can change my [A] fear into [C7] Your perfect peace

Let down Your saving hand [Bm] to [C7] lift me from the mire
To solid ground that’s infinitely higher
Oh, Holy One of Israel, to [C7] Thee my [A] heart,
To Thee my [A] life I give to [C7] You, my [A] King

My stɾife flees, my [A] pain has ceased, my [A] joy increased,
For love abounds, grace has found, I’m no more
I’m no more Your wayward son [C7]
I’m no more Your wayward son [C7]
I’m no more Your wayward son [C7]

Lord, You’ve save me, I’m no longer afraid
My life is safe, for [Dm7] You have died in my [A] place
Jesus, my [A] Savior, You died to [C7] save this wayward one
Who pierced Your hands and [Bm] feet
Yet still, You’ve made me Your son [C7]

Jesus, You saved me
Jesus, Your freedom’s come
Nothing but the love of God
Nothing but the love of God
Can bring me perfect freedom
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!